Motorola V620 Review

Motorola V80

When Motorola released the V620, they took an extremely popular phone format and turned up the volume, maxing out the features to a very respectable mid-range level.

The V620’s immediate predecessor, the V600, was a popular phone, but it also had a world of problems concerning its software glitches. Of supreme concern were the MMS capabilities, but reports of accidental powering off and ghost calls were quite frequent as well.

The V620 fixes those bugs and does the V600 one up feature-wise as well. By adding video recording and a sleek new customizable color scheme, the V620 is the better phone by a long way, both inside and out.

With a digital VGA camera capable of capturing still and moving images, this mobile produces some exciting things to send your friends and family. And when you have decided what to send, you can choose MMS, SMS, and E-mail to attach and send your files.

Bluetoothä connectivity is a nice touch, as it allows you to synch your phone wirelessly with all sorts of devices, including wireless headsets and other hands free electronics that can help you go about your day-to-day business without having your hands full.

The new all black design is very classy, but it can be changed very easily with new metal alloy covers. The inside is equally customizable, and the new wallpapers and screen savers that you might put on the phone’s 262,000 color display are sure to look their best. In fact, the internal display is bright and vibrant, and with the added TFT technology it stays bright, even in direct sunlight.

Polyphonic, MIDI, and MP3 ringtones are both embedded and downloadable, but the phone does not house an MP3 player, which would have really turned this into a first rate device.

All in all the V620 has a number of new features while at the same time shoring up the problems people faced with its antecedent, the V600. I would highly recommend this phone to anyone interested in a mid-level phone with mid-level features, as the reception and volume levels are good, there is plenty of connectivity, and all the features are highly functional.

The main features of the Motorola V620:

  • Quad Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • Speaker Phone
  • Digital Camera
  • Video Recording
  • Javaä Games
  • 32-Tone Polyphonic, MIDI, and MP3 Ringtones
  • Bluetoothä Connectivity
  • Predictive Text
  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • 262,144 Color Internal Display
  • External Display
  • External Antenna
  • Flip Form
  • Javaä Games
  • Organizer

Technical Specifications of the Motorola V620:

  • Weight: 125 g.
  • Talktime: 7 h.
  • Standby time: 250 h.
  • Battery: 780 mAh
  • Memory: 5 MB
  • Height: 88 mm.
  • Width: 47 mm.
  • Depth: 24 mm.
  • Internal Display Width: 176 pixels
  • Internal Display Height: 220 pixels

The features that the Motorola V620 is missing:

  • MP3 Player
  • Infrared Connectivity
  • FM Radio
  • Touchscreen

Accessories available for the Motorola V620:

  • Extended Capacity Battery
  • Handsfree Device
  • Car Cigarette Lighter Charger
  • Desk Speaker Stand
  • Memory Attachment
  • Alternate Metal Covers