Motorola V300 Review

Motorola V80

The Motorola V300 is a very nice middle of the road mobile phone, combining style and functionality. In this review I will start by describing the external design and feel, and work my way inside.

The V300 comes in a very attractive shade of dark blue. I do not think it is possible to over estimate the attraction that this presented for shoppers. The external case is a soft plastic that is curved and very sexy. Small at 89 X 49 X 25 mm, the phone is still somewhat heavy for the amount of features it has, pushing the scales at 122 g.

This extra weight actually helps in my book. Too many phones feel flimsy, and this is especially true for flip form mobiles. The sturdy design is necessary for another reason—this phone has a sizable amount of features.

First off is the digital camera. This is not, of course, as good as a separate camera device would be, but it is not as terrible as some of the older model’s cameras were either. Picture quality is good enough for most of the things you want it for: taking pictures of friends and family in different light levels, and of places you are visiting etc.

Viewing the pictures you take is great on the 65,536 color internal display screen (the external screen is extremely basic, but gives you the date, time, server, and incoming calls from contacts), and it is made even better by the inclusion of TFT technology, which allows you to view your image in direct sunlight without the colors on your display washing out.

The phone also boosts its appeal with the younger crowd with both polyphonic and MP3 ringtones, and a music creator application that allows you to make your own ringtones, although I am not sure how many people will actually use this, as having the latest song on your phone is probably the most important thing for people who care about what ringtone they have at all.

There is no Bluetoothä or Infrared on this little flip, so do not expect to be conducting your business from this mobile. About all you can hope to do is make and receive calls, send E-mails and SMS, take pictures and customize your phone with wallpaper, screensavers, ringtones etc.

But it does perform quite well in all these functions. So if that is the level that you are looking for, then the V300 offers quite a package, and an extremely nice look thrown in on top.

The main features of the Motorola V300:

  • Quad Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • Speaker Phone
  • Digital Camera
  • Javaä Games
  • 32-Tone Polyphonic and Mp3 Ringtones
  • Predictive Text
  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • 65,536 Color Internal Display
  • External Display
  • External Antenna
  • Flip Form
  • Javaä Games
  • Organizer (Compatible with Microsoft Office)

Technical Specifications of the Motorola V300:

  • Weight: 122 g.
  • Talktime: 8 h.
  • Standby time: 200 h.
  • Battery: 700 mAh
  • Memory: 5 MB
  • Height: 89 mm.
  • Width: 49 mm.
  • Depth: 25 mm.
  • Internal Display Width: 176 pixels
  • Internal Display Height: 220 pixels

The features that the Motorola V300 is missing:

  • Infrared Connectivity
  • Bluetoothä Connectivity
  • FM Radio
  • MP3 Player
  • Touchscreen

Accessories available for the Motorola V300:

  • Extended Capacity Battery
  • Handsfree Device
  • Car Cigarette Lighter Charger
  • Desk Speaker Stand
  • Memory Attachments