Motorola T720 Review

Motorola T720

Java games are a cool way to customise your mobile. There is a huge selection available for the Motorola T720, which are incredibly easy and quick to down load.

Tennis - The aim is to stop your opponent from scoring 15 points. It requires a lot of skill and fast reaction. It's not as easy as it sounds.

Mobiball - The player must move their paddle to deflect a ball towards coloured bricks. You must hit each brick to clear the level but be careful as certain bricks increase the speed of the Mobiball.

Mars - The player must travel through space to discover planets and resources to save mankind. The player is tasked with landing their craft on a special platform as softly as possible avoiding rugged landscape.

Patience - This well known game will keep you entertained for hours. The object of the game is to build four ascending sequences of cards of the same suit, from Aces to Kings.

Joiner - The game begins with a board full of coloured balls. Adjacent bubbles with the same colour can be removed from the board. The more bubbles the player removes in a turn, the more points scored. When the player clears the entire board they get bonus points.

Chasm - The aim of the game is to open as many cells on the board as possible without setting off a bomb cell. One wrong move and your fates decided.

Poker provides you with all the fun an excitement of playing poker in a casino. You can now play Poker wherever you are.