Motorola E398 Review

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With the E398, Motorola effectively created a new class of phone. It has both the features and connectivity that we have come to expect from a business phone, while also containing the entertainment aspects of a phone marketed for the youth. And make no mistake about it; this mobile is definitely targeting the youth.

Let’s start with the features. With speakers mounted on either side of this block form device, this is the first widely marketed “stereo phone”. The speakers were designed for excellent playback of MP3’s and polyphonic ringtones, although the sound level on the main speaker—that is, the one you hear out of—suffers for the added technology.

This is a phone designed to show off the hottest ringtones, which as anyone who has ridden public transportation in the past 3 years can tell you, is very important for young people today. But because of the E398’s integrated MP3 player, any song that you upload onto the phone—including classical music, Mom and Dad—can be used as your ringtone. I like this level of individuality, as songs composed at home or on the phone’s music mixer can easily be used as a ringtone, and there is no need to give companies more money to give you simpler versions of songs you already own.

The E398 can be further individualized with backgrounds and screen savers, and can be rigged to light up in an amusing and cool “disco mode” when your phone rings.

A 2 Megapixel digital camera with 4X digital zoom is another nice selling point. This camera is not revolutionary, as many phones in this price range are now offering high quality integrated digital cameras, but it is still very good. Gone are the days of murky grainy images that are near invisible on the mobile’s screen.

The MP3 player is a great addition, and perfect for a phone capable of light displays like the E398. With only 5 MB of memory, it may seem like not many songs will fit on your phone, but by augmenting your memory with 128 MB TransFlash memory cards, your external song storage is truly unlimited.

When it comes time to purchase a phone, the E398 has lots to offer. Besides being a multimedia powerhouse (by today’s standards at least), the phone is highly customizable, making it very attractive, especially to young people. The low main speaker volume is one of the only drawbacks. If you are in the market for a features heavy, extremely stylish phone that can draw attention to itself and you, then the E398 is probably the right purchase.

The main features of the Motorola E398:

  • Dual Band: GSM 900/1800
  • MP3 Player
  • Speaker Phone
  • Polyphonic Ringtones
  • Video Playback
  • Predictive Text
  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • 2 Megapixel Digital Camera
  • 65,536 Color Display
  • Internal Antenna
  • Block Form
  • Javaä Games
  • Bluetooth
  • Organizer

Technical Specifications of the Motorola E398:

  • Weight: 94 g.
  • Talktime: 4 h.
  • Standby time: 190 h.
  • Battery: 830 mAh
  • Memory: 5 MB (Optional 128 MB TransFlashä Memory Cards)
  • Height: 108 mm.
  • Width: 46 mm.
  • Depth: 21 mm.
  • Display Width: 176 pixels
  • Display Height: 220 pixels

The features that the Motorola E398 is missing:

  • FM Radio
  • Video Recording
  • Touchscreen

Accessories available for the Motorola E398:

  • Extra Batteries
  • Handsfree Device
  • Car Cigarette Lighter Charger
  • Desk Speaker Stand
  • Alternate Covers
  • TransFlashä Memory Cards