Happy Slapping Videos

Happy slapping is a craze that seems to be creating quite a storm in the UK. Happy slapping is the practice if attacking random people by slapping or hitting them. These “slap” attacks are videoed by friends of the slapper.

As all crazes it is not long before the stunts need to escalate in severity, so much so that lone women was punched in the face. The Guardian talks about one such happy slapping video, crudely named “bitch slap”, which show a woman being punched in the face whilst standing at a bus stop.

Origins of Happy Slapping

It is though that the craze originated from the UK garage music scene before being adopted by school children.

You Have been Tangoed ring any bells?

Only a Matter Of Time
Whilst slightly amusing when done, as the pranks escalate it can only be a matter of time until something very serious occurs. It must sure only take the wrong slapping crowd to pick the wrong slappee and a right royal kicking could occur. As soon at that occurs the slappers may think twice.

Being a slapper removes all rights? Slap people expect to receive a beating sometime.!

Legal Action and Compensation

Legal action and law suits can only be on the horizon. Personal injury resulting from happy slapping can be significant, and I for one would take serious legal proceedings against someone. If the police were not interested in pursuing the matter through the courts I would take private legal law suit against the perpetrators.

To read more about bullying you go read the linked page on the BBC.

If I were happy slapped I would look at finding a civil litigation specialist.