Banjaxed Phone Couture

Banjaxed has a mission to provide the very best in phone couture. We have an ever expanding range on sections to cater for your mobile phone pleasure.

Mobile Phone Reviews
Within Banjaxed you will find a large number of mobile phone reviews with the emphasis placed on the suitability of a phone to use some or all of the latest fun related products.

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Java Phone Games
Over two hundred funky java phone games are on offer. Each java phone game has a screen image of the game along with an animation to give the full effect. Each exciting game can be found by phone make and game type.

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Mobile Phone Ringtones
To keep up to date with all the mobile phone ringtones Banjaxed Phone Couture have all the latest ringtones for your mobile. With over 2000 ringtones from past to present, all categorised by type, you are sure to find what you are after.

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Read a range of interviews with leading mobile phone game designers. Read about where they think the marketplace is heading and what is in store for us

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Tilt Tin Wallpapers

Happy Slapping Vidoes

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